Amendments to a Trust

amendments-to-trust-signature-documentsWhen a trust requires minor changes you can use an amendment to facilitate the changes. Amendments are designed for minor changes to the overall trust agreement and supersede any prior documents. Amendments can be used to change the name of the trustor because they were married, change the state of residency, change beneficiary designations, or change the allocation of assets of the trust. For legal reasons, the date of the amendment and specific language must be contained in the amended document to ensure your wishes are carried out.

Can I Simply Make Changes to My Existing Document?

For legal reasons, the changes to a trust must be handled through the amendment process. All amendments must be in writing, properly dated and signed in order to be considered legally binding. At Kramer Legacy Documents, LLC, we provide full-service amendments at an affordable price.

When Do Amendments Take Effect?

Trust amendments are effective immediately upon your signing of the amending document. All amendments must comply with state law and be properly signed and witnessed. Once this is complete, the amendment replaces any part of the original trust agreement that has been changed.

Our lives are not static and because of this we need to sometimes make minor changes to our estate planning documents. If you need to have your trust amended, you can count on Kramer Legacy Documents, LLC for help. Contact us today at (623) 974-2272 for assistance in preparing an amendment to your trust agreement.