Last Wishes Documents

last-will-testament-signature-documentsNearly all of us understand the stress and shocks associated with losing a loved one. There are countless arrangements to be made including publishing an obituary, providing information for a death certificate, overseeing a funeral and arranging for burial. However, these are not typically subjects we discuss with our family members and too often, they are left to deal with these matters after we are gone. One way to avoid placing an additional burden on family members is to provide a list of your wishes. These documents often include:

  • Obituary – you can determine where you would prefer your obituary to be published as well as details you would like to have a family member include in your obituary. Consider the possibility that a friend or distant relative had to write your obituary, would they really know where you went to school or grew up, your military or college information, or all of your accomplishments?
  • Death Certificate – You might be surprised how few people know a loved one’s maiden name or other pertinent information for a death certificate. Many times family members are in shock or hysterical and can’t remember your parents names or birthplace and have to spend days digging through your personal records to find this information. Preparing such things ahead of time puts all important information in one easy to find location.
  • Funeral Arrangements – whether you wish to have a traditional wake and funeral or prefer a memorial mass, you can make these arrangements known to your family or others who may be making these arrangements. Some people wish to have certain music, flowers, or bible verses/poetry read while some people wish to have no services at all. Family members wish to be respectful during this time so it is important to let them know exactly what you’d like, or don’t like.
  • Cremation Codicil – In the State of Arizona you need a cremation codicil in order to avoid cremation being contested after your death. This is to ensure that your wishes are carried out and not disputed in court by a present or ex spouse, a child, heir, or other family member.
  • Organ Donor Form – The need for organ donors is real. Every ten minutes another person is added to the organ transplant list and 22 people per day die waiting for an organ. If you are one of the millions of registered organ donors, one way to make sure your family is aware of this request is to put it into a final document. You may also specify if you wish your body to be donated for science purposes or used for research.

Your family will be grieving and under a great deal of stress upon your death. By ensuring you have a detailed last wishes document, you can help minimize the stress they are already under. For many, these documents are also appropriate as we age and ensure that our family knows our wishes before we are incapacitated or under round-the-clock nursing care. If you want to learn more about final wishes documents, contact Kramer Legacy Documents, LLC today at (623) 974-2272.